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First I’m a blogger.  I write on several blogs.  Two main blogs are The Real Estate Blog Lab and the Tucson AZ Real Estate Blog.  I know what it is like to try and fit your content into a theme that someone “Designed” but has never actually put content on a site themselves.  I’ve seen a lot of WordPress Themes that were “pretty” and worked great, as long as you only had 2 or 3 pages and a few categories.  But add 20 pages and a few subpages under each and the theme broke.  Many Themes aren’t  “Scalable”.

The first is the Geek blog for those wanting to know the nuts and bolts of WordPress.  From popular plugins to how to edit your theme files.  We cover it all at the Real Estate Blog Lab.  Out of the Lab grew a need from some who had the time to read but didn’t have the time to make the changes necessary to implement them.

I started “fixing”, “tweaking” and coaching real estate bloggers from all over the country.

Over the past couple of years I’ve spent more and more time on the site development side of blogger.  I still write a lot of blog posts in a year.  But now I also do site design, theme tweaks, custom forms and call to action buttons for a lot of clients.

As that sector of my business time grew more and more wanted to see examples and lists of services offered.  It didn’t really fit with the mission of the Lab.  Therefore, it was time for “Yet Another Blog”.

Custom WordPress Site Design is built on a theme I re-engineered.  It doesn’t look anything like it did when released.  It continues to evolve as I try out new things here.  This site has become one of my “Lab Rats”  where I try out new things and experiment with ways to push the envelope of WordPress as a platform for all websites not just blogs.

Take a look around.  Have a question, ask it.  Want a quote, fill out the “Hey I Need Some Help” Form.  Also known as the “How Much Will It Cost Me to have you Do This?” Form.

Yeah, I design custom forms to fit your current site design.  But you already knew that from reading the Custom Forms page.  You did know that, right?