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Google Places

Google Places for business is FREE, at least the basic information entry is free. You can give them money for additional services associated with Google Places but the basic listing is free and it is a must for any small business.

How Many Domain Names Do I Need ?

Having a good to great keyword rich domain name is a big plus. Knowing what domain name to pick is more science than you might think. And no you don’t need it to be YOUR NAME.COM

Don’t Be A Slave to Your Domain Name

Set your site title free, set your own thinking free, don’t be a slave to your Domain Name.

Balancing Design and Function for SEO

HTML5, CSS3 and @Font-Face are tools making it possible to do things in design that are functional and encoded in a way that search engines can crawl (read) the site.

What Domain Name Should I Use ?

If you are just getting started online with your business let us help you find a good domain name with the keywords you want. A good keyword rich domain name is a huge benefit to organic placement in the search engine results.

Talking Avatars The Latest Rage

I met with a small business owner a couple weeks ago to layout a new site for his business. His current site is all “Flash” which means it looks pretty, but Google can’t crawl the site so he ends up with one page in the Google index. That’s not good.  We are in the process […]

Domain Names are Rented Not Purchased

This is one place you don’t want to cut corners to save money.

Content without Access

Content without access is the same as no content at all

Widget Areas For Flexibility

Early in the history WordPress development added support for Widget areas. Typically that meant the sidebar.

Theme Changes coming in WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is going to see some major changes to design and functionality.  Along with this move will be the need/desire to stop supporting some legacy features of older versions of WordPress. This is nothing new.  Just recently support for UTF (Ultimate Tag Warrior) Tag import was dropped. Most have long ago imported their UTF […]