Content without Access

Content without access is the same as no content at all

I recently did a site review for a local artist.  The site was a static HTML site and it had good content.  There we about 200 pages of content on site.  But only 9 pages were indexed by the search engines.  Those 9 pages had the same title tag on every page.  The Artist’s name and the web address.  The only way to find the site was to search for the artist’s name.

The artist had spent thousands of dollars in web development.  Not a single lead, client or customer had come from her website.  She was frustrated and that is why I was doing the review.

Poor site design can kill you

There was talk of a redesign of the site.  The question that lingered; “If I have so much content on my site why are there only 9 pages indexed by Google?”  The answer was mostly due to navigation.  There was a lot of content placed in pop-up windows with no navigation out of the page.  View, close, view another, close, etc.  The content was 4 or 5 layers deep on the site with much of it only visible from another pop-up window.  I demonstrated how this worked and used the illustration of building a lot of rooms on a house with no doors or windows.  The only way in was to transport into the room and there was no way out.  No easy way in, no way out.

The call came in a few days later.  “My web developer says there is nothing wrong with the site.  I need to have him add more content to get the site.”  More work for the web developer, more money spent by the artist, more content added to pop-up windows with not navigation.  Will it help?  Not really, but I run into it all the time.

No one wants to believe they have spent thousands of dollars on their website in vane. So they invest even more money doing the same thing that has produced nothing for them.

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