Domain Names are Rented Not Purchased

Did you know you can’t actually ” buy” a domain name?  It is true.  You can rent one and keep renting it, but you never “own” it.  Stop paying the rent and someone else can have it.

How Long a Lease

The longer the lease the better.  We suggest if you are buying a good keyword rich domain name you pay for 5 years registration minimum;  ten years is even better.  The longer the rent the more credit the search engines give you for the name.

What does that mean?  It means if you have an expiration date going out 10 years you don’t plan on getting rid of that domain anytime soon.

Why does this matter?  Because spammers are famous for purchasing 1 yr registration, spamming the net and moving on.  Yep, spammers have ruined a lot of things for internet users and this is one of them.  Purchase for one year and you don’t get as much credit in the placement calculation as a domain with a 10 year expiration.

When you find a good domain name, don’t register it every year.  Purchase a 5 or 10 year registration up front.  It will be a good investment.  This is one place you don’t want to cut corners to save money.

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