Don’t Be A Slave to Your Domain Name

Set Your Mind Free and Your Site Title While You’re At It

I’m going to set you free in this post.  It seems there is an unspoken belief that the Domain Name and the Site Name are somehow mystically joined.


Still in a fog?  Let me clear the air and the mind for new possibilities.

In the old days of web surfing people would sit at the computer for hours and hours typing in random domain names to see what they could find.  There were no such things as “Search Engines”  and engines they are.  Today, we never just type in a domain name in an address bar unless we know exactly where we are going.  (Usually to our own site)  But we still tie our site title to the domain name like it is some kind of rule.

It is time to clear the fog and set your site free.

Domain Names should have Keywords

Yes, we want our domain names to have keywords.  It is good SEO to do so.  But we DO NOT have to use those words in our site title.

Is this sinking in yet?  Let me guess, you aren’t getting much traffic to your site.  You don’t rank high for the keywords you want to rank for, yet you persist in using the domain name in your site title even though it isn’t what you want to rank for.

Does this make any sense?  NO,

The biggest gun in our SEO arsenal is the Site Title.  The big H1 Tag.  The brightest light in your on line marketing galaxy.  And what do you do with this big gun and bright light.  Almost NOTHING.  You put a AAA battery in as a power source that can handle galaxy reaching laser light.  You put a firecracker in the BIG GUN that will handle one TON shells and wonder why you never see a shell leave the end of the barrel.  Just a little smoke and maybe a pop.

Is the light starting to come on?

Some real world examples.

Domain Name:
Site Title:  Tucson Professional Painting

Domain Name:
Site Title: Tucson Real Estate – Tucson AZ Real Estate ( No Blog in the title)  Just the keywords

Domain Name:
Site Title:  Denver Real Estate – Denver Homes for sale – CO Relocation Homes

Is the Light Coming On?

Every site we build or rebuild we power the BIG GUN and the  BRIGHT LIGHT in your on-line Marketing Galaxy.

Set your site title free, set your own thinking free, don’t be a slave to your Domain Name.


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