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Time to join the Internet revolution and bring the tools of the net to your business.  That’s not a question.  It is way past time for your business to be available to your customers and potential clients on-line.

The Yellow Pages are Door Stops

That’s right, you think it costs too much money to be on-line with your business.  The truth is, it costs less to be on the Internet doing business and providing your services than it cost to put a 1/4 page ad in the Yellow Pages. It isn’t the 80’s 90’s or the 00’s anymore.  Forget what you have thought about the cost of doing business online.

It Doesn’t Cost Thousands of Dollars

Yes, in the old days of the net a business could expect to spend $5000 to $10,000 for a custom website.  And there are still places that will gladly charge you that much today.  But, it doesn’t have to cost you thousands.  A small business can be online for less than a $1000 and yearly hosting and domain costs are less than $100 a year.

Business Solutions to Fit The Budget

We build business solutions for the small business on a budget.  Our solutions are flexible, expandable with scalability built in.  This mean you can start small and grow you site as your business grows.  If you run a brokerage or firm with multiple agents or partners we can build a Multi-Site install.  This means if you want to add blogs or sites for members of your organization we can create the solution and build the platform.

How Much Does it Cost

It depends on the functionality you want.  (you knew I was going to say “it depends”)  Usually a simple site with 20 pages can be done  for under $1000; most between $600 and $700.  Just want to add a WordPress Blog to your existing site, $200 for the blog install, setup and configuration.

All the Bells & Whistles (Custom Theme) along with IDX integration (for real estate) and call to action forms and buttons between $1200 and $2500 depending on the degree of customization.

If you want a complex site for your business, we can build that as well.  Some businesses will pay $30,000 to $50,000 for a multi-site installation.  We can provide it for much less.  Shoot us what you want, and we can get your a price.

You can pay me $5000 for a simple website if you want.  I’ll even throw in a blog.

Contact me for more information or questions.

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