How Many Domain Names Do I Need ?

I wish a lot of clients would ask this question first. Too often they go out and buy half a dozen domain names (or more).  Many bought into the GoDaddy “UPSELLING” that goes on and bought the .com .net .org .CanISellYouAnotherDot

Then they contact us and most of the time we find a much better keyword rich domain name that is available.

How Many Domain Names Do You Need?

It depends on why you are buying them.  Sometimes I buy a domain name because I don’t want anybody else to have it.  Sometimes I decided to expand a mini vertical market and I’ll pick up a domain name for it.  (Ex.  New luxury Subdivision, New Mall, etc.)  But you don’t need to go out and buy 40 or 50 domain names.

The old ways of sitting at your computer and blindly typing in domain names has long passed.  With search engines we now search for keywords and almost never on a domain name itself.

When you are ready to put your business online, get help early.  Having a good to great keyword rich domain name is a big plus.  Knowing what domain name to pick is more science than you might think.  And no you don’t need it to be YOUR NAME.COM

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