Mobile Browser Ready

More and more we will find people are browsing our sites from a mobile device.  It might be an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Droid.  This is the direction the web has been moving.  Are you moving with it?

I see a lot of “pretty” sites when sitting in front of my computer.  I also find a lot of sites from my Blackberry that I can’t even read or navigate.

When that happens I have to leave and find another site that will provide the information I’m searching for in a format I can read on the Blackberry.

Going Mobile Isn’t Difficult with WordPress

With a WordPress site we can have you mobile ready in a few short minutes.  When a visitor comes to your site from a mobile device it is detected and takes them automatically to the mobile version of your site.  It is clean, quick loading and provides the best mobile browsing experience for your visitors and clients.

Go Mobile Yourself

Did you know almost every mobile device has an app for WordPress?  Quickly login, approve comments, reply, write posts and publish all from your mobile device.  We can help you get this setup.  Your business can be on the go with you where ever you are.

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