Site Evaluation

You have a website/blog.  But you aren’t getting the traffic or results you want.  What do you need to do?  We perform site evaluations for you and make recommendations.

  • Do you have analytic software in place to track your traffic?
  • Have you “Claimed” your site with Google?
  • Do you know where you rank for key searches in Google?
  • Do you have “Call to action” buttons and forms on your site?
  • Is it user friendly?  (Can users/clients find what they are looking for?)
  • How many pages of your site are indexed by Google?

The best website in the world is of no use to you if it can’t be found.  Imagine “Gone with the Wind” sitting in the author’s desk drawer.

This could be your website.  Let us help you get it out of the desk and read by the world.