Talking Avatars The Latest Rage

I met with a small business owner a couple weeks ago to layout a new site for his business.

His current site is all “Flash” which means it looks pretty, but Google can’t crawl the site so he ends up with one page in the Google index.

That’s not good.  We are in the process of creating a new site for him.  He will be up and running soon and hopefully pulling in enough organic search traffic he won’t need to be running print ads or offering coupons for much longer.

Talking Avatars

He mentioned that he had been to a business seminar recently where they were telling everyone the current fad is to have a walking on screen talking avatar.  He wasn’t sure and wanted my take on the whole idea.

I smiled and said,   “Were the guys presenting this selling those avatars?  Were either of them in high pressure sales, ex. auto sales?”  The answer to both questions was “Yes”.  He was kind of amazed.  “Yeah, one guy is selling them and the other guy is doing kind of ‘in your face’ sale.  How did you know?”

talking avatar
Wonder what she is selling?

Talking Avatars will do your business a lot more harm than good. You don’t want them on your site.  When a potential client opens your website they don’t want to be greeted by a walking talking avatar.  They are there to seek out information, not to BE SOLD!

They don’t like being startled by the sudden sound of a voice coming out of their speakers.  Don’t turn off your potential customers and clients with pushy in your face sales tactics on your business site.

Provide a clean easy to navigate website where the visitor can find the information they seek.  Make sure you have “Buttons” or Navigation clearly marked on how they can “Contact Me“, “Get a Quote” or “Ask a Question“.  When they are ready they will contact you.  But don’t assault them with a talking avatar.  There is no reason to spend money on something that will drive potential clients away.

Talking Avatars might be the latest “Rage” but there is no reason to put your site visitors into one.  (I silenced this talking ad for a talking avatar)

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