What Domain Name Should I Use ?

It doesn’t have to be either/or  Both/and works fine

This past week I’ve talked with two small business men who have made the same mistake I encounter all the time.

They owned multiple domain names and chose the wrong one as their main domain to promote.

Check your ego at the door this is business

There was a time when everyone in business was being told to buy the domain of their name.  Back then the feeling was it was all about you.  Many built their online presence based on their name.  Back then there were no search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN didn’t exist as search engines.  You typed in domain names to see what would pop up.  That was “surfing the net”

Today, is very different.  Most of the time I don’t even know a domain name, including my own.  I search on the topic I’m interesting in and click on the one with the best except in the search results.

Another issue with making your online marketing based on your name.  What if your business is geographic in nature?  What if you move?  You can’t ever sell the content on a domain that is based on your name.

Keyword Rich Domain Names

Keyword rich domain trumps all others including the name of your company.

Exception to this rule. If you are already a nationally recognized brand. Most of us are not.

Getting a good keyword rich domain for your business is a plus, a big plus.  Picking the right one can do a lot for your placement in the search engines.

Let Us Help Pick a Name to Purchase

If you are just getting started online with your business let us help you find a good domain name with the keywords you want.

A good keyword rich domain name is a huge benefit to organic placement in the search engine results.

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