Custom Widget Areas

Widgets are everywhere. When we talk about widgets on the web it refers to a snippet of code that can be placed on a website to display content, information, forms, etc. For example a widget with currency exchanges can be easily added to almost any site. Especially if the site is “Widgetized”.

“I don’t want to have to call someone every time I want to change or add content to my site.”

That is a common request and concern for many small business owners. But they aren’t web programmers. They don’t know how to add the content they want to display on their site.  This is where custom widget areas can help. Once an area of your site has widget support you can drag and drop new content widgets to that area and it will display on your site.

Custom Widget Area Support

You don’t want generic?  You want to have your site built for YOU.  Well, with a little code addition and some tweaking additional widget areas can be added to almost any WordPress theme.  (Some themes, don’t want it to be easy) But for the most part adding a widget area so you can add and change content when you want to make a change is possible.

We can add widget support to almost any area of a site.

Widgets are simple to use but not always easy to understand at first.  But once you have used a widget supported site, you will never want to use anything else again.

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